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Beneath II

Beneath II, a temporary, metal sculpture installation, entices visitors to move themselves beyond the asphalt pathway, onto the natural grass and through the arrangement of 800 gently bent tubes. Covering a hillside, an area of 40′ X 110′, the tubes, each 10′ tall, are placed in a series of large and small circular “rooms,” with multiple entry/exits. Inspired by seagrass, the tubes offer the visitor the sensation of moving through dense and sparse areas, like a bay scallop might encounter in its habitat.

Following the 5-month exhibition period, visitor footsteps left behind a series of dirt footpaths, that, like rivers, ran directly down hill. Beneath II was part of the Moving Landscapes Exhibit, at Heritage Museums and Gardens. It was funded by a private sponsor.  2013.

Click on an image below to view scenes from Beneath II.