Framing Nature, Halfway through 30 experiments

Halfway through my 30 day Framing Nature challenge, I am mindful not to judge the “sketches,” but to just do them, and follow the creative trail they lay out for me.  The sun, sky, shapes within tree branches, flowers emerging from bud to bloom and spatial forms beneath the cacti where I cannot safely reach, call to me most.  I have become aware of how nature frames itself for us, in the curve of the branch, or the interwoven way one bush engulfs another.   My desire to intervene in the landscape in a large-scale way, is mitigated by the 30 minute limit, which also prevents overthinking.   Therefore, my gaze is directed towards the simpler, smaller and most contrasting experiments I can make.  Onward!  (The daily posts are on Facebook, Angela Rose Artist Tucson)

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