Wire is my graphite

Rather than reach for pencil and paper, or punch an iPad to record ideas,  I use pliers to twist and twirl wire into little drawings or doodles.  Individually, they often emit a kicky personality.  Collectively, they are fun to arrange and rearrange.  A friend once asked me to string one for a necklace...and the wire [...]

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Let’s talk about space

Creating space that people can't wait to get into. THIS SATURDAY, at the Studio on Slough Road, in Brewster, Massachusetts on Cape Cod,  I will facilitate a conversation  about installation art in nature.  We'll be outdoors, so wear comfortable shoes, and please join us. Saturday, August 30, 2014          5-7pm (conversation starts [...]

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Shakin’ It Up In Dennis Village

Moving my studio from a 560sf barn in the woods to a 220sf office space on 6A, in Dennis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod has its advantages.  One advantage is I get to meet curious and adventurous folks who notice the sculpture installation that evolves in the garden, in front of my studio, pictured above.  Metal [...]

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Sculpture anchors small flower bed

I grow gardens in small spaces so it's easy to go out and "pick" dinner.  Cherry tomatoes, rosemary, basil and parsley chopped up and paired with a can of chickpeas makes a simple supper.  Toss with fresh lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Make it a meal by adding a slice of multigrain toast, [...]

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